Leah + Henry


What an absolutely beautiful, special weekend spent in the Barossa valley celebrating my stunning Leah & Henry's wedding - two people who mean so much to me, and who are absolutely meant for each other. Not only was it my first time to South Australia (mind=blown), it was my first time balancing bridesmaid/photographer (thank you to my darling Benjamin for stepping in), and while I was behind my lens, holding back my tears, as the speeches were happening - this is my open letter to two extremely special people in my life.

Leah, our bond is like no other. I look up to you like a sister, and I adore you just as much. We share such a special relationship and have the most special memories - most of them hilarious times spent at Grammy & Jims, kitted out in our burning spears outfits and matching platforms (style queens!). We have seen the world together, laughed & cried together, been extremely mischievous together, share matching tattoos & have grown up from little girls to women together. You have always been the most influential woman in my life, so much more than just my cousin & friend. Not only were you the most stunning bride, you are also the coolest person I know (you always have been). Everyone that knows you falls in love with your spirit - you light up every room. I have grown up beside you, and was honoured to stand next to you on your wedding day as you became Mrs Griscti. Words don't seem to capture everything I want to say - but I know, you know. I love you beyond words.

Henry. You are one of the best & most down to earth people I know, and perfect for our Leah in every way. I can't wait to spend much more time with you, and learn all your gardening tips & tricks. You are a wonderful person, and you have always felt a part of the family from the beginning. It's like you were always there. We are so happy to have you officially join our (crazy) family. 

My heart is so full of love for both of you, thank you so much for having me there with you on Saturday. It means the world to me to be able to photograph you two on the best & brightest day of your lives, and to be a part of your wedding squad. You are both radiant in every way and I love you. I wish you all the happiness. 

Congratulations! xx