New York


"New York is not just a city, it's a world" 

Okay, so yes - it's been a little while since my last blog post (well over a year I think!) so let me get you up to speed with whats been happening in my life, and the life of House of Lucie. Basically, over the summer holidays in Australia I made the huge decision to pack up my backpack and move to Vancouver in Canada. Mackay will always be my home, but I longed for a new adventure, and so 'House of Lucie On Tour' came into existence. I will be returning to Australia in September to photograph some weddings, and am still available for other international wedding work (of course!) but right now my work in Mackay is on hold for a bit. I was granted a 2 year visa and decided to make the move in April. 

This is where the adventure starts. I planned a 4 week trip around the United States with my friends, before heading up to start my new life in BC, Canada. It began with a week in New York, with my gal pal and travelling sister Shauna. The boys left us for a week in Cancun, while we stepped it up in New York. 

The city was just how I remember. Fast paced, intense and.. fascinating. I was back in the city of dreams, and it was oh-so beautiful. We decided to stay in a really lovely little Air Bnb (for those of you who don't know about air bnb - do yourself a favour and google it now! the BEST way to travel) in Williamsburg with the coolest couple (with the cutest cat) and had lots of fun exploring the little streets and funky neighbourhood. Last time I stayed in Manhattan so it was nice to experience life in Brooklyn and get to see some of the real New York. Shauna and I were just getting over jet lag, but that didn't stop us from seeing anything. Every day we were out catching the subway (like true New Yorkers! We were very proud) or walking in the city to see the sights. One thing I didn't remember was the weather changing so drastically. It was kind of exhausting. One afternoon we were in Central Park enjoying the sunshine and the next it was absolutely FREEZING and huge rain clouds were above us.. Photographing the streets of NY in the rain was actually kind of beautiful though. The streets seemed to shimmer and reflect the lights from the iconic yellow taxi's. 

But my favourite part about my time spent in the big apple was the boat cruise we did at dusk. I did it last time when I was there and it was just as dazzling the second time around. Seeing the city lights start to twinkle from the Hudson River is just magic. It kind of feels like you're standing at the edge of the this huge new world. I took a moment to myself and said a little 'thank you' to the universe for this epic new adventure - that's only just beginning. 

Next up: Road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco - stopping in Santa Barbara, Big Sur & Santa Cruz

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Khara x 

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