South Iceland


The past week here in Iceland has completely flown. Last weekend we said goodbye to two of the beautiful artists here at Gullkistan, Emily & Maria. There were tears. We had one final night out together in Reyjkavik to say goodbye, and we all enjoyed the flowing wine & beers a little too much (nightlife in Reykjavik is insanely good!) On Sunday we woke up sad, drowsy and with heavy hearts - we just weren't ready to say goodbye. The 4 of us girls, and more recently Jarryd, had become so close in such a short time, that they honestly felt like family. These girls feel like the sisters I never had. We reluctantly said our goodbyes, and promised to see each other again soon. I think the universe will provide, and we'll be reunited sooner than we think..

And then there were three. A painter, a writer & a photographer. We have all been working really hard this week in the studio. I haven't been taking as many photographs as usual, but more so processing what I have already taken (hundred & hundreds). I think that this week has been very important for me artistically. I have been able to sift through my work carefully and take more time than I normally would - which is so special to me. I feel like I never have this luxury back home in reality. 

I have also been able to think a lot about Iceland and what it means for me to be here. I have well and truly fallen in love with this country, and that is no understatement. It feels like home. I have never felt more inspired or connected with the landscape than how I do here.. I feel like I'm pushing myself creatively, more than I ever have and I can't wait to piece together my exhibition once I'm home. I am already dreading leaving this place.. I feel as though my heart might break to leave it.. Have you ever felt like that about a place? A city? The land? I still have 9 days here. Although I feel like there is no amount of time that could ever be enough.

Tonight is my last night here at the wonderful Gullkistan creative farm house. Jarryd and I will say our goodbyes to Lucia + Alda & Kristveig tomorrow and head to Reykjavik where we plan to meet some of my Australian friends! We will possibly head North for the remainder of the week, driving up the West coast peninsula or we might even make it all the way up to Akureyri, which would be very exciting. Like everything here in Iceland though, it depends a lot on what the weather is doing. And the weather has been exhausting today. One minute its snowing, the next is clear skies & sunshine. Constantly changing, and along with it the landscapes, colours & textures. 

I've collected my photographs together from my trip to South Iceland. Of course, it's been very difficult for me to select which ones to share online.. There are quite a few that I must keep a secret for my exhibition which will happen later in 2015. But for now.. this is what I've been up to..

x K

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